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Warren Lieu

Warren Lieu

Project Delivery

Warren is an extremely intelligent senior designer with the strongest incisive ability to reduce technically complex architectonic conditions into their simplest forms.

As one of the most senior technical designers at 5G Studio having more than 20 years of experience, Warren leads the most challenging architectural projects that demand clear analytical insights and innovative solutions. He is responsible for defining the scope of the architectural documentation, reviewing their clarity, and guiding the internal and external teams of specialists, consultants, and engineers towards cohesive technical responses. He has recently completed the adaptive reuse of the historic Maple Terrace Apartments in Uptown Dallas, Texas, for Hines Development, converting the residences to be a Class AA boutique Office building; adding multi-story double-height spaces to the landmark structure by completing and providing two additional floors above the original U-shaped building; redesigning the existing roof to be occupiable terraces; and transforming the ground level to create a lively urban environment that includes two new freestanding restaurants.

Warren is a member of the high IQ society, Mensa International, and commands an astounding scope of design and scientific knowledge that has enriched the architectural research and culture at 5G Studio. He loves cats and had used his design talent to create the original cat cocoon that has become internationally renowned since 2006. He also bikes 32 miles for his daily work commute.

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