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The Hayworth Tanglewood

8-story, 246-unit, 628,000 SF, apartment and amenities

1414 Wood Hollow Drive, Houston, Texas 77057


Apartment, 435,000 SF

Unit, 236-unit

Townhome, 10-unit

Amenity, 16,000 SF

Parking Garage, 193,000 SF

Space, 434-car


New Construction





The Hayworth Tanglewood was designed to complete an urban edge of a growing mixed-use community which surrounded the building and placed community services within walking distances from the building. The parti distributed the massing in a sensitive way as it transitioned from commercial to residential zones while embracing the outdoor amenity and pool deck areas that were oriented to capture views of downtown Houston. The project consisted of an eight-story apartment building and two separate three-story townhome buildings on the same property with an attached parking garage. The structures were surrounded by lush landscaped areas and were configured to create two courtyards. The Hayworth offered an elegant and wellness-centered urban living that elevated its immediate physical context through smart placements of activated building programs.

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