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Sexy Fish

One of the world’s destinations for great seafood, Miami has now taken this culinary experience to new levels of innovation with Sexy Fish. The new restaurant is now open in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood and Sexy Fish is garnering all attention for its surround-experience of luxury. It is the second location for the concept from Richard Caring, who launched the experience at Barkley Square in London. The space was designed by the Miami team of 5G Studio Collaborative, led by Stephen Park. The features of high-end artwork create the experience that is dream-like but real: a giant fish tank with live coral and tropical fish, 26 fish lamps by architect and designer Frank Gehry, and 10 sculptures and a giant frieze relief by Damien Hirst, and 10-foot-tall mermaid sculptures and ocean-themed glass mosaics made from eight-million hand-assembled pieces.
The result is a stunning 20,000 square-foot space that boasts a 21-foot-long fish tank, which serves as the centerpiece of the restaurant and provides diners with an underwater experience like no other.
The restaurant's design is a celebration of the rich materials and artistry of Damien Hirst and Frank Gehry, with $20M worth of their art adorning the walls and contributing to the sophisticated atmosphere. With 242 indoor seats and 58 outdoor seats, SEXY FISH MIAMI provides a luxurious dining experience for both lunch and dinner, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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