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Sapphire Bay Mixed-Use District

117-acre, Mixed-Use Resort Area

I-30 and Dalrock Road, Rowlett, Texas


Mixed-Use, 117 acres

Convention Center Hotel, 626,000 SF

Room, 496-key

Food/Beverage, 30,000 SF

Conference, 100,000 SF

Lifestyle Hotel, 167,000 SF

Room, 200-key

Condominium, 300,000 SF

Unit, 100-unit

Office, 138,000 SF

Retail, 110,000 SF

Surf/Beach Club, 75,000 SF

Parking Garage, 630,000 SF

Space, 1,720-car


New Construction


Sapphire Bay Land Development


Master Planner


Sapphire Bay Mixed-Use District is a 117-acre master plan community featuring more than 1,500 residential units, 1.7 million square feet of restaurant, retail, entertainment, office, and hospitality space, with a surf village and water park. Set on Lake Ray Hubbard in Rowlett, Texas, Sapphire Bay aims to become a popular destination for vacationers, shoppers and diners, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and businesses from all over the world. Sapphire Bay is centered around two main water features: the Sapphire Bay Lagoon, featuring an extravagant fountain feature, and the Surf Village; a manmade wave pool that brings surfing to North Texas.

5G Studio Collaborative served as the Master Planner of the new mixed-use district and the Design Architect of the Convention Center Hotel, Lifestyle Hotel, multi-phase Condominium Towers, Surf/Beach Club, and the Marina District for the lakeside resort. These large-scale projects aim to fulfill the programmatic and formal objectives of the client and help to reinforce the identity of the lakeside destination as notable landmarks in the marine-themed resort. The Convention Center Hotel is a focal point of the entire project, sitting on the axis of the master plan and directly facing the fountain in the Sapphire Bay Lagoon where nightly spectacular light and water shows will take place and serve as the event to watch from the surrounding buildings and outdoor spaces


LODGING Magazine, March 2021

“Sapphire Bay Resort to Anchor $1 Billion Mixed-Use Community in Texas”

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