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Langham Hotel

Frisco, Texas' newest 175-acre mixed-use development redefines upscale elegance in a contemporary, eclectic setting. This development is situated along Frisco's $5 Billion Mile, which has $5.4 billion of planned developments and investment from Warren Parkway to Lebanon Road.

The prestigious Langham Hotel will serve as the "centerpiece" for the development positioned on Dallas North Tollway and Lebanon Road. The international hotel chain plans to operate a 250-room hotel in a 32-story high-rise that will also include residential units. A large pool deck is located on level four that is designated for the guests of the hotel. A music venue, pool bar, and meeting space are among the other amenities located on this level. Designed to accommodate the private residences of the building, (beginning on the 23rd level) the development features a condo lounge terrace and roof top pool that are accessible solely to the tenants.

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