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HRM Tower

Located off the JI.HR. Muhammad HRM condominium is the latest iconic apartment development for the fast transforming neighborhood in urban Surabaya. The 180-unit, 3 units per floor with a private elevator, 50-story high-rise takes a mid-century modern classic approach to create a highly appealing and refreshing environment for guests in an area of only 3,727 square meters, without losing innovation. The elegant modernist façade with innovative programmatic twist is a perfect combination of maximizing buildable areas and keeping the aesthetics at high standard, as well as the functionalities. The upper section of the tower consists of larger glass windows and thinner frames, just to provide a more striking view of the golf course on the south. The details of each window frame are a reminiscence of the classic design of Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. The long private driveway leading off the main road cancels the noises of the busy urban life. In addition to the ground drop-off spot, the partially sinking driveway also leads to an extra underground drop-off area. HRM is the ultimate example for maximum innovation in luxury.

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