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Graha Square Apartments

Located centrally in a residential and commercial masterplan in Surabaya, Graha Square Apartments acts as a focal point in the design for a new urban center. Drawn from the sharp angles and expressive view corridors of the masterplan, the towers and connecting amenity podium are oriented for striking views of the promenade to the west and Graha Famili golf course to the east. The vertical structure apparent on the exterior of the towers anchors the forms into the pedestrian development, encouraging use of the retail zones on the ground floor. The exoskeleton serves as a framework for the floor plates and balconies, allowing the towers and podium to appear as parts of a singular element. In order to provide passive ventilation throughout the building, the units have purposely positioned panels of horizontal glass louvers that can be opened or closed according the wishes of the occupants. This allows every unit to have a unique combination of smooth glass curtain wall and operable windows, to be utilized for optimized ventilation and natural light.

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