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Graha Premium Golf Residence

Looking up north at Golf Graha Famili & Country Club Surabaya, the superblock complex Graha Premium Golf Residence is completely redefining the urban landscape of the neighborhood with innovative architectural vocabulary. Inspired by the organic landscape of the adjacent golf course, the soft, fluid, forms of the 90,000 m2 apartment complex naturally welcome and invite visitors, providing a much needed replacement to the sharp angles found in conventional concrete towers. The slightly twisting individual towers choreograph a beautiful harmony, which also provide ever changing premium views from floor to floor, looking at the golf course up north. The amenity deck that flows through the towers at 6th level creates an elevated new landscape that organically stitches together the entire community. Moreover, it provides unrestricted panoramic views of the natural environment for everyone. The complex creates a variety of options for the clients, including townhomes, apartments, and premium condominiums with private elevators.

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