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G2 Villa

The 400 sq.m., 4-level private weekend villa is located in Sentul, a tropical hilly town 48 km. South of Jakarta, Indonesia. With the lot depth being a mere 25m, the land elevation slopes 9m down towards the South, opening towards the breathtaking distant views of three mountains, Mount Salak and Mount Gede being the most iconic landforms. The villa is designed for a young couple with a teenage daughter who enjoy the outdoors and desire a peaceful retreat from the hectic Jakarta. It is conceived as a network of indoor and outdoor plazas having interconnected views with each other, the distant horizontal views, and the sky. Linking these plazas is a continuous ribbon of lightly anchored walkway treads and platforms that starts from the arrival plaza and rising to the sky deck, traversing the various voids and organizing the visual penetrations in between the architectural solids. The architectural assemblage is minimally detailed in favor of spatial, relational lucidity that is potentially rich in experiential, aural, and sensual qualities. The architecture aims to disappear and allow its occupants to reconnect to what matters.

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