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UnCommons: Viva Las Vegas!

UnCommons: Viva Las Vegas!

UnCommons a Las Vegas Development Loaded with Possibilities

The new design for the Entertainment Facility for the UnCommons development consists of two separate tenants. The level-one tenant will be a Cinema operator consisting of approximately 30,500 gross square feet. The Cinema is planned to accommodate six auditoriums with 600-700 seats. The second and third floor will be another entertainment tenant.

The building will be constructed of a structural concrete frame with concrete columns and concrete floor and roof slabs. The exterior walls will be non-load bearing constructed with metal stud framing. Exterior finish materials will consist of composite metal panels, corrugated metal screens, and three-coat stucco. The main entrance to the cinema will be glass storefront and storefront windows will be included on the second floor along the front east facing façade. The overall building height is just under 73 feet. The elevation of the occupiable third floor is set at 54’ ensuring that the building is not classified as a high-rise building.

The building is designed to aesthetically integrate into the overall UnCommons development by utilizing similar exterior materials, architectural forms, and respecting the scale of the surrounding buildings.

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