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Andretti Bufford: An insider’s guide to Andretti Indoor Karting and Games

Andretti Bufford: An insider’s guide to Andretti Indoor Karting and Games

Whether you’re an old-timer fan of the Italian-born race car legend Mario Andretti or  part of the new generation of speedsters spawned by space-age gaming  technology, the Atlanta-area Andretti Indoor Karting and Games will make  good for either age group and all the ones in between.

With several locations of the Karting enterprise in Texas and one in Orlando, you can enjoy family-friendly racing at the Buford and Marietta locations.

All  have the Andretti stamp, with Mario’s late nephew John Andretti’s son  Michael Andretti, grandson Marco and great-nephew Jarett still involved  in the Karting endeavor.

If  the nostalgia and draw of the Andretti name aren’t enough, there are  lots of other motivators for spending your next free day driving at high  speeds! Here are five of the best reasons to go to Andretti Indoor  Karting and Games asap:

The kids get their own track. The Buford location features Mini Mario Karts for drivers 4-7 years  old! There is also a track for children 7 and up and a separate track  for ages 12 and up.

The BIZ KART Ecovolt GT is ever so fast. The BIZ KART Ecovolt GT is the best electric kart in the industry. It’s  powerful, ergonomic, safe and environmentally friendly plus packs  enough torque to take you all the way to victory lane. Drivers feel the  rumble of the track, racing around sweeping curves and exhilarating  straightaways on a pro-designed track. The track’s Adult Racing  experience involves a 7-minute heat on a road course track. Drivers for  that must be at least 15 years old and have a valid license or permit.

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