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Graha Towers

1.8 million SF redevelopment anchored by two new high-rise towers and a sky-deck park

Surabaya, Indonesia


Mixed-Use, 12 acres

Hotel and Office Tower, 32-story, 440,000 SF

Hotel, 214-key, 150,000 SF

Office, 290,000 SF

Condominium, 20-story, 620,000 SF

Unit, 408-unit

Commercial, 370,000 SF facade alteration

Parking Garage, 380,000 SF underground

Space, 1,338-car


New Construction


Graha Famili


Design Architect

On an existing 12-acre commercial site with four old 3-story, 370,000 SF commercial buildings to remain, the new district design reorganized the activity flows by anchoring its corners with two iconic towers, one, 20-story tall, housing residences and another, 32-story tall, consisting of a luxury hotel and office floors below it. An extensive 1,338-car underground parking garage was designed to replace the existing surface lot spaces and to reclaim the spaces in-between buildings for pedestrian-oriented uses. 5G Studio Collaborative laid an elevated pedestrian skydeck that was woven between the existing and new buildings to provide a higher level of connectivity and to double the pedestrian areas while setting a framework for fantastic spatial and programmatic collisions. The building massing and cladding were choreographed as frozen architectural dances to evoke a constant sense of movement within the spaces they defined. The total redevelopment area of the mixed-use district is approximately 1.8 million SF and will be one of the most significant in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city.

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