Winnwood Residence

Dallas, Texas

Located on a wooded lot directly across from a land & water conservation project funded by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department & the US Department of Interior, Winnwood is an energy-positive private residence certified LEED Platinum.

On the interior, landscapes smear across white reflective plaster planes, amplifying the monochromatic interior pallet and allowing the colors of time and season to affect space. For the resident, this interdependence between atmosphere and architecture creates an ever changing interior landscape; each space is intended to feel unique while deeply dependent on nature.

Outside, the black and white plastered exterior is planted with evergreen vines so the house itself will be absorbed into the landscape over time. The back two thirds of the property are devoted to occupants and home. The front third is designed as an extension to the conservation project across the street; native and adaptive species are sculpted to transition from neighboring lots to the rehabilitated landscape.

Geothermal wells and a rain collection cistern are located under the driveway which is designed to minimize runoff and increase water permeability. A 10kW solar array on the roof generates the electricity to offset all of the energy consumed by the property.

Sustainable Features:

• The project was designed as a Net Positive Energy home for the owner/occupant
• The building envelope design uses façade orientation, glazing placement, exterior shading, and tree locations to minimize direct solar heat gain (particularly in the summer when the sun is highest in the sky) and maximize beneficial daylighting and views
• A geothermal heat pump system
• A landscape/irrigation design that (through the specification of native/adapted vegetation and a highly efficient irrigation system) uses 72% less water for irrigation than a conventional landscape design of the same size
• A site design that allows 93% of stormwater runoff to infiltrate onsite through the use of permeable paving and other stormwater design best management practices (BMPs)
• A rainwater harvesting system that collects rainwater from 86% of the roof area and reuses it for irrigation
• Low-flow plumbing fixtures throughout the home
• The specification of highly efficient lighting
• A 10 kW solar photovoltaic system at the well-insulated, high albedo roof
• Individually insulating each room and including a thermostat at each room – this allows the owner to save energy by closing off rooms when they are not in use
• The specification of materials with a low embodied energy (e.g., high recycled content and manufactured/extracted within relatively close proximity to the site)
• Healthy indoor air quality strategies such as the specification of low-emitting materials, enhanced outdoor air ventilation, an additional dehumidification mode at the mechanical system, a well-sealed barrier between the garage and adjacent conditioned spaces, and the use of MERV 13 filters throughout the home

Professional Services Provided:

- Architecture | Interior Architecture

  •  LEED Platinum