Wild Salsa

Dallas, Texas

The idea behind “Wild Salsa” began with a need to bring authentic Mexican culture and cuisine to downtown Dallas. In the Texas spirit, we wanted to create a restaurant that brought together pride, celebration and bold architectural flavor for an experience that is truly genuine.

5G wanted to break the mold in an industry bombarded with stereotypical flavors and decor. By researching the culture, we were able to expand the concept by exploring many of the underlying traditions that are prominent within the Latin/Mexican culture and move them to the forefront of the experience juxtaposed with modernistic qualities of today. Throughout the restaurant, bright colors and bold patterns associated with Mexican culture are used as decoration, and the grittiness of the finishes add character and attitude to the overall dining experience. In order to add authenticity to the space, 5G collaborated with a local artist to design a mural using Jose Guadalupe Posada's famous print he called La Calavera de la Catrina (The Skeleton of the Female Socialite) as inspiration. Many of the furnishings and interior elements were also salvaged from an adjacent building, The Grand Hotel, formally known as the Statler Hilton.

Professional Services Provided:

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- Architecture | Interiors

- Strategic Branding


Size: 5,000 SF

Budget: $1.5 Million

Opening: 2011

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