Wicker Park Seafood & Sushi

The design for Wicker Park drew upon iconic cultural references and elemental qualities of the ocean to compose a dining venue offering respite to weary travelers. Greeting the customers, a translucent oceanblue bar diffusively glows and sets the stage for dining upon fresh catches from the water. It sits between two diaphanous salmon-orange wall elements and underneath a folding stainless steel ceiling plane. The emitted light interplays with its reflection, adding depth to the planar surfaces and simulating a fluid, filtered light effects.

The layering of hospitality aspects in the space is achieved through attractive and colorful displays of food and beverage items. Slabs of fresh seafood items are placed within view of the diners and within reach of the chefs, allowing the former to witness an exhibition of sushi-making tradition by the chefs. The resultant artful dishes are then placed on a solid white quartz slab, ready for the diners' enjoyment.

Professional Services Provided:

- Architecture | Interior