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Located at 10 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi. Haco Complex Tower is located in the city center, close to hospitals, schools, large, ...



1. Scope of project

Location: 10A Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Owner: Group commercial construction Haco

Project Type: Business Center, Apartment, pen-house

Total area: 1065 m2

Total investment: 500 billion

Date of commencement: about to start

  2. Project Description

HACO Complex Tower - A perfect building complex, where you enjoy the experience of the actual experience of an international-class comfort living.

Overall Perspective

The building has 18 floors, of which 16 and 02 basements include:
From level 1 to level 5: Business Center, Entertainment, Sports
From level 6 to level 15: luxury apartments with area from 103 m2 to 139 m2
From level 16 to level 18: Penthouse with area from 146 m2 to 215 m2

Create a striking modern architecture, is an important architectural accents on Pham Ngoc Thach street, Hanoi.

Infrastructure systems are designed and installed, modern, ensuring the most modern technical standards and safety today.

The apartments have fully equipped luxury 5-star hotel standard, to meet the needs of a place of comfort, beauty, elegance and class.

Penthouse is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the international class luxury life.

Building options and provide full service facilities to cater for work and life at international level, such as: spa, restaurant, bar, shopping center, sports, swimming pools, welcome guests, moving map, laundry, care and protection of property, ...  

The idea of the design: The building is designed with high quality of architecture, drawing on art, but there are characteristics of traditional Vietnamese architecture Male . The building was designed according to green building standards "Greenhouse" will limit power consumption to a minimum allowed by fair use two-way air-conditioning system, energy saving light bulbs.

Space: The open space design, enhanced closeness to nature, to ensure the apartments are spacious space look to pick up a fresh atmosphere, cool. So, this is considered to be the dominant idea in the apartment was dubbed the "green house"

Equipment: All functional areas, luxury apartments and penthouses are fully fitted furniture, modern facilities and luxurious. All standard elements of luxury 5-star hotel.


Trade Center (Retail): With 05 storied commercial center, with a total area of 3.850m2. Retail shopping will bring the feeling of comfort with modern style decorated allure with the appearance of the world's leading brands, such as: Estee Lauder, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain, Jurlique, CK perfume , DKNY, Tommy, ...

Restaurants serving 24/7  

- Full range of delicious and nutritious. Here, you will feel full for a cultural space & culinary rare in Ha Thanh, select Traditional flowers this opportunity.

- The restaurant is attentive service, dedicated and professionally by our team of chefs and service personnel from home and abroad, has been a chef at leading hotels Vietnam Male .

Gymnastics Center: HACO Fitness with full facilities most modern and gives you a solution to improve health, beauty, fitness is very popular in the world today. HACO Fitness gym space is spacious and quiet to help you relax and reduce stress maximum. Material international standard wooden floor with high elasticity and help reduce energy consumption while exercising. Capacity for exercise equipment imported from Europe.

Smart Pool

- Supply system, drainage clean international standard. Pool is located at the 5th floor of the building. Modern design, in harmony with the space above, this will be a great place to relax and convenient for you to live here.

- Water used for cleansing and disinfection of pool with modern high technology to ensure the safety of users.

- The water purification system water purifier made ​​pool water daily to help keep the green in great.



Drawing samples apartment

-Clever Apartment - Smarthome is designed in accordance with 1,2,3 bedrooms, 1.2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen. In addition, the sky is fully utilized to harmonize with nature.

- Class apartments and luxurious designed, built with unique architectural style Asian. Inside used the high-tech amenities, modern and secure the lives of every family. In this habitat associated with green space, about natural and windy.

- The apartment has energy solutions using environmentally friendly, energy-saving and pollution reduction.

- Furniture: You really are living a lifestyle with luxury interior with natural stone and wood; curtain system sensors and automatic remote control, and energy savings. Bell system image, power lock, camera port, chips, fire international standards.

Apartment Interior

- Facilities: The apartments in the building water use provided by the overall water filtration systems, filter safety valves in each zone function. Lobby, hallways are equipped with standard air conditioning and ventilation of high buildings in the world.

Penthouse "villa above"  

- Designed and installed interior - exterior assert level of luxurious living space, luxury, expressed through space, high ceilings, arches, fireplace, beautiful views and ventilation , large windows, many rooms, office space, cinema ... with luxury equipment stainless steel, granite, island kitchen, bar and much more.

- Located on the third floor of the building HACO Complex Tower . The design idea was to make the most of space on the top floor to create an impressive living space.

- Inside the apartment is airy layout, adjacent to the air so the power consumption is also reduced.

- Vision through the large glass panels without being limited by the small window.

- Large master bedroom, to facilitate the arrangement of furniture.

- The apartment is designed with a large atrium space to create effects such as a chair, provide ventilation and plentiful light for apartments.

Basement: scientific design, convenient for motorcycles, cars. In particular, the basement is designed for Automatic Car parking area.

Technical Area: be located in the position to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the building.


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