Haco Complex Tower

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Haco Complex Tower has an area of ​​1065 m2 is located at 10A Pham Ngoc Thach, Dist Dong Da Dist. Hanoi by Haco Group as an investor.

Project Description

Location: 10A Pham Ngoc Thach, Dist Dong Da Dist. Hanoi.

Scope of project:

- Land area 1,065 m2

- The building has 18 floors, of which 16 and 02 basements.

- From level 1 to level 5: Business Center, Entertainment, Sports.

- From level 6 to level 15: luxury apartments with area from 103 m2 to 139 m2.

- From level 16 to level 18: Penthouse with area from 146 m2 to 215 m2.

Building coverage: 75%

- Total investment: 500 billion.

- Unit Design: 5G Studio.

- Owner: Haco (Haco Group).



Haco Complex Tower - a perfect complex, where you enjoy the experience of the actual experience of an international-class comfort living.

Create a striking modern architecture, is an important architectural accents on Pham Ngoc Thach street, Hanoi.

Infrastructure systems are designed and installed, modern, ensuring the most modern technical standards and safety today.

The apartments have fully equipped luxury 5-star hotel standard, to meet the needs of a place of comfort, beauty, elegance and class.

Penthouse is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the international class luxury life.

Building options and provide full service facilities to cater for work and life at international level, such as: spa, restaurant, bar, shopping center, sports, swimming pools, welcome guests, moving map, laundry, care and protection of property ...

Project information quickly:
Project: Haco Complex Tower
Location: Q. Dong Da Dist. Hanoi.
Area: 1,065 m2
Type: Business Center, Apartment.
Owner: Haco (Haco Group).
Year: underway.
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