A look inside Premiere Cinemas in Lubbock

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Contributor Reported by: James Eppler
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The entrance from inside the mall

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Premiere Cinemas in Lubbock opens its doors at the South Plains Mall October 26. For a rundown of the theater's features and ticket prices check out this earlier blog.

The theater chain is partnering with the Noret family to open this new theater. You might recall that the Norets owned the Winchester Twin, Cinema West, Showplace 6 and other theaters here in the past. The family has deep roots in film in Texas.

I got a tour of the new facility as workers complete the final touches on the place. In short - it's impressive - unlike anything I've seen even in some of the biggest cities in Texas.

The place is overwhelming when you walk in, and it's obvious why it's taken a while to open: there are so many features and attractions.

I also got a chance to sample the D-BOX seating in one of the theaters. It's two rows of chairs that vibrate and move along with a movie. We watched a clip from "The Polar Express" and "Fast and Furious" to test it out. The latter was especially impressive. In the chase scene at the beginning of the movie, we feel the chairs rumble like we're in the car with Vin Diesel. When he makes a hard turn, your chair moves with him. And when the big tanker truck bumps into other cars or crashes, you feel the jolts. It's fun stuff, but I wonder what it would be like for an entire movie.

Combine that with 3D, and it would be a pretty immersing experience.

I won't need to see my chiropractor this week.

Click the slide show to the right for a few pictures I took on my tour or click the video for the quick tour we showed on TV.

This is gonna be neat.