Metro Plaza Cinema

Shanghai, China

Located on the fifth level of the iconic Shanghai's Metro Plaza shopping mall, the Cinema offered a retreat for the busy shoppers in the form of a voluminous light-filled space.  The design began with exploring the appeal of the Chinese lantern, attempting to capture its diaphanous essence.  There are two public entries to the Cinema that are linked by a generous corridor.  Using a custom translucent resin panel system, the walls of the two lobbies and the corridors are transformed into floating planes of light, backlit by color-kinetic LED lighting system that is programmed to mix candy-colored lights in a fluid way, causing unpredictable gradient in the color transition zones.  The resin panels are configured to create gently angled undulations along the corridor, recalling the surface construction of a lantern.  Across the corridor, intermittent curtains made of stainless steel mesh fabric system reflect back the colors of the light; the effect is that of a wall that is responsive to the light conditions of the opposite wall.  On the ceiling surface, the custom-patterned wallpaper illustrates similarly fluid color trails in the direction of pedestrian movement.  The entries to each cinema occur where the resin panels are interrupted, to reveal a glowing volume that appears to have no edges.  Balancing the soft glowing devices, linear and vibrant planes of light are introduced at strategic points where moviegoers purchase tickets and concession items.  The Metro Plaza Cinema elegantly carves spaces by manipulating the materials that make movies possible, artificial light.

Professional Services Provided:

- Architecture | Interiors


Size: 3,286 SF

Budget: Confidential

Opening: 2011

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