Haco Complex

Ha Noi, Vietnam

The prominent location of the project presents an interesting opportunity to transform the immediate area by embracing a contemporary architectural piece. The tower design proposes that the traditional private spaces of Vietnamese families be discretely exposed to contribute to the atmosphere of the urban area. A fully glazed facade along the street is screened by a customized system of louver screen that reduces direct solar heat gain into the living spaces while at the same time calibrating the amount of exposure from the public eyes. Conceptualized as a graceful silk cloth, the louver system follows a subtle folding structure and is itself reflective of the lights from the city and the sun, enriching the reading of the screen. The design proposes an alternative to the modern Vietnamese architectural design that favors clarity of the elements without depending on the compositional value of the wall and the windows. Its architectural character signals the emergence and improving transparency of Vietnam as an internationally significant nation.

Professional Services Provided:

- Architecture | Interiors


Size: 183,000 SF

Budget: $22 Million

Opening: 2013

  • Haco Complex Tower
    Haco Complex Tower Article Source     Project Page   Haco Complex Tower has an area of ​​1065 m2 is located at 10A Pham Ngoc Thach, Dist Dong Da Dist.…