Beechwood Theater

Athens, Georgia

The Beechwood Stadium Cinemas 10 in Athens reopened to the public in 2015 with an array of new features, including a remodeled dining room, bar, stadium seating with special comfort features, and a new kitchen to serve guests with a brand new offering of delicious food.

The Athens and greater Atlanta metro area community have enjoyed the Beechwood theatre, owned and operated by Georgia Theatre Company for over 85 years. The newly renovated theatre is experiencing solid growth in movie ticket and food and beverage sales since its re-opening.

5G Studio Collaborative led the design for the theatre renovation. The lobby called for improvements for more appeal and comfort for the guests. Previously designated concession space was renovated into a new bar and lounge area creating a center focal point in the center of the theater with central access for all auditoriums and easy circulation through the space. New finishes, materials, and lighting were introduced as a unifying aesthetic to heighten the theater's new image.


Professional Services Provided:

- Architecture

- Interiors

Auditoriums: 10
Opening: 2015